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Welcome, Communication students. 



This is a photo of children reading a comics page sent through the radio in 1938 in St. Louis. 

It shows that many new media technologies were anticipated in the past.  Even so, 

the amazing new field of Web2 applications (your groups are reporting on, below) seems to boggle the minds of

these kids, who are now in their 70s.     


Reports on new digital media technologies / Web 2 applications     

Why this page?  Because the media is changing so rapidly that our textbook is badly out of date. 




Flash Journalism / Multimedia reporting


Google Earth and biomapping 


Photo & Video Sharing -- YouTube,  Flickr, etc




RSS syndication 


Social networking 


    Social bookmarking / tagging



Software as a service (SAAS)    /  Applications on the web 




Rating Services




Net Neutrality 


MP3s and the Law



Dont forget to sign your changes. 

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