Steps to making a You tube and uploading video: SharDavia Bell
Step 1: Sign Up
-          go to
-          Click the “sign up” link in the top right hand corner.
-          Answer the questions in the blue box
-          Click sign up on the bottom
-          Go to you email account to confirm that your email was sent
-          You can “edit your channel,” which allows you to describe yourself, add a picture, or change you design.
Step 2: Make a Video
-          Record a video on you camera, phone, or ipod.
Step 3: Upload you video
-          Sign into your account using you user name and profile
-          Click the “My Videos” link on the right side of the page.
-          Click “Upload” a video.
-          Fill in the Video upload information
-          Click continue at the bottom
-          Click browser and find you video file
-          Click “Upload Video”
-          Click “My Video’s” to view the video
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